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Listen to Andy Caplan

President of Global Aromatics

"What type of business issues did Bill work on for you?"

"...Just a real range of stuff, cash flow  problems, payroll back taxes, we had to deal with the  government, financial statement problems... I would characterize Bill as more of a hands on person... he was instrumental in our getting refunds on a lot of penalties that we had been assessed by the IRS..."

"What role did Bill play in helping you sell the company?"

"... Bill basically was the negotiator, he consulted with me frequently but he basically was the person dealing directly with the buyers which turned out to be very successful... one of the things about Bill Maimone is his ability to be flexible and to deal with a wide range of issues... he's really a great professional, I truly mean this."


As a graduate of the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business and Hastings College of the Law, Bill has more than 30 years of experience as a CFO, Counsel or as a Business Consultant working in the Bay Area including as a CFO and General Counsel in the software, manufacturing and distribution sectors.  Bill has helped numerous business owners position their companies for sale, negotiate the sale of their businesses as well participating extensively in the legal documentation and due diligence process. He has also helped existing or new clients as prospective business buyers in the process of expanding their business or acquire a new business. Whether it's general business problems like cash flow management or financing, legal or employee conflicts, Bill has the knowledge and experience to help your business effectively address its issues and move forward.

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San Francisco Bay Area

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