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What is the most important issue in operating my business? 

Probably the most important thing to remember at all times is how important the customer is to your business. "The customer is always right" even when they are wrong. Customers are difficult to find and one should treat them as the most valuable asset of the company.

What process is essential to the successful operation and later sale of a business? 

In order to successfully manage in today's complex business environment it is essential to have timely, accurate financial statements each month to measure the performance of the company and its key personnel. A yearly budget/forecast, broken down by month, should be in place by the start of the fiscal year. The monthly financials and cash flow should be compared to actual as part of the monthly review of the performance of the company.

Why do I need a business consultant? Why can't I do it myself? 

The major reason is that experienced consultants have expertise and background in many of the issues you may be struggling with. For example, securing outside financing, dealing with serious cash flow problems, IRS and State tax problems, litigation and legal issues can be resolved in a quicker and more efficient fashion using a consultant.

What can a consultant do for my business? 

A good business consultant can help make your company easier to run and more profitable, help you get your firm under control. They can provide marketing help for your product or service to increase sales and profit margins. A good consultant can provide an objective outsider's business advice viewpoint and keep you from "reinventing the wheel" by using his/her own experiences to provide proven solutions.

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