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How important is it to have professionally reviewed contracts that my company does business with? 

It is strategically important to do business with contracts that are beneficial to you, from the standpoint of both legal and business terms, in the event a dispute arises. It can make a great deal of difference to have the business and legal agreements favorable to your position and have litigation take place locally, at your convenience. Litigation should be avoided unless absolutely necessary and the costs-legal fees, your company time- should be compared to the potential recovery and the probability you will be able to collect it.

Do I need an employee manual for my business? 

Yes, it is essential to set forth the company policies, in one document, to communicate to the employees in regard to company policies and as a reference in the event of an employee problem or termination.

Why would I hire another consultant or lawyer to manage litigation for me when I am already paying a law firm? 

Most business owners are not experienced in managing litigation, either in controlling their own attorney's fees or in directing the litigation toward appropriate business objectives. The objective of the consultant is to resolve the litigation in a business like and efficient fashion and stop unproductive litigation.

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